How to Write the Best Text to Make Your Website Visitors Stay



If you are the owner of a business, you have a lot of plates to spin every day. And one of them is writing the best text to make your website visitors stay so that they feel compelled to buy from you.

Here is a list of the six most important ‘best text rules’ you must observe in website content writing:

Best Text Rule #1: State Clearly What You Offer

Studies have revealed that it only takes your website visitors 0.5 seconds (yes, really!) to make up their mind about your site.

So, if you want to make them stay, you better make sure that the first text they see is both eye-catching, punchy and crystal clear.

State in as few words as possible what you offer. Put it in a bold headline or on an image to draw the eye. Make a bold claim.

Example: “Award-winning travel choices you’ll remember forever!”

Best Text Rule #2: Speak to Your Target Audience

Think about who needs your product, service or skills the most, then talk to them!

To make them stay on your site, address your target audience directly and tell them something they’ll want to hear.

Example: “Your adventure is waiting for you. We can make it happen just the way you want it.”

Best Text Rule #3: Tell Them Why They Need You

So, why should your target audience stay on your website? What’s in it for them?

Think about a problem you’re solving or a wish you’re fulfilling.

What are the benefits they get from using your product or service? List them in easy-to-read bullet points.


  • Learn wilderness survival skills – build your independence and develop your instincts
  • See life from a different perspective – discover foreign cultures and learn about their way of life. Etc.

Best Text Rule #4: Introduce yourself

People buy from people they know. So, introduce yourself to your visitors. Why should they believe what you are saying? Have you got the experience, knowledge or skill entitling you to make the claims you do?

Tell your story. But beware! Nobody wants to know your full life story; keep it brief and relevant to your target audience and to what you are selling.

Example: “I have travelled around the world for the past 20 years. My desire to learn about foreign cultures and terrains has taken me from the wildest to the calmest places on Earth. I have dedicated my life to sharing my adventures with like-minded thrill seekers like you. My qualifications, skills and knowledge as your guide make me one of the few true experts in my field. Etc.”

Best Text Rule #5: Tell them Why They Can Trust You

Now you’ve told your visitors that they should believe you, prove it. Show them that they can trust you by displaying customer reviews, achievements, or the number of clients you’ve worked with.

Don’t make up any fake reviews; use real testimonials from former clients or people who know and value you and your skills!

Best Text Rule #6: Tell Them to Act!

So, what should your visitors do now? Go away and be happy to have learned that your service exists? No. The whole aim of making your visitors stay is to get them to buy from you. So, please tell them!

Don’t just say “Buy now!” Make it exciting to act: “To start your adventure, click here!” “You are one click away from the best experience of your life – get it now!” etc.

Have you noticed a common theme throughout the Best Text Rules? Make it all about them, not about you!

I hope you find the above rules helpful. If you would like some help with crafting the best text to make your website visitors stay, get in touch.

We are always happy to help.

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