empty toilet roll on wall holder

Web Accessibility means Big Business

Caren Launus-Gamble of KreativeInc

Caren Launus-Gamble

Web Accessibility means Big Business!

Look at this image. How does it make you feel?

Now, imagine a potential customer entering your website, and then…

They leave – forever.

Because your site is as much use to them as an empty toilet roll on the loo.

The Business Case

70% of UK websites are not ‘accessible’; they offer 14.9 million disabled or impaired potential customers “the empty toilet roll experience”.

And in 2019 alone, this bad experience has resulted in revenue losses of £17.1 bn (find the latest ‘Click-Away Report’ link in comments).

Web Accessibility – making sites user-friendly for everyone – means big business.

Websites must be designed and developed so that ALL users can perceive and understand the information provided and navigate and interact with the functionalities of the site easily.

As business owners, we want our websites to sell.

So, I’m asking you: have you checked yet if your website is accessible?

Just now, somebody may be having an ‘empty toilet roll’ experience on your website, taking their spending power with them as they leave in frustration.

Take Action

You should get in touch with your web developer to check if your site is accessible or run a scan on your site with the WAVE tool.

Alternatively, get in touch for a free web accessibility review or a conversation with us.