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Website Accessibility – Keyboard Navigation

Caren Launus-Gamble of KreativeInc

Caren Launus-Gamble

Website Accessibility - Keyboard Navigation.

Did you know how important it is that your website visitors can navigate through your site by just using their keyboard?

Keyboard Navigation is vital for users that are blind and use a Braille keyboard, users with low vision who prefer to use the keyboard or users with motor control or other physical limitations who cannot use a mouse or trackpad.

Don't exclude these potential customers from your site!

Easy Steps to Test for Keyboard Navigation

Here are some easy steps you can take to see if your site has keyboard navigation functionality:

➣ Use the ‘Tab’ key to move forward in the tab order.

➣ Use the ‘Shift’ and ‘Tab’ keys at the same time to move backwards in the tab order.

➣ Press ‘Enter’ to follow links or activate buttons.

Can you:

❓ Navigate and interact with all controls, links and menus in a logical order by using only the keyboard?

❓ See which item you are focussing on at all times? Is the item highlighted?

If you have answered with a resounding ‘Yes!’ to all questions, congratulations! Your site has keyboard accessibility.

If your answers are ‘No’ to the above questions, then your site must be fixed to make it keyboard accessible.

Get it Fixed!

Contact your web developer to get the keyboard navigation on your site fixed.

Alternatively, get in touch with us. We are always happy to help!