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Web Accessibility – Alternative Text for Images

Caren Launus-Gamble of KreativeInc

Caren Launus-Gamble

Web Accessibility - Alternative Text for Images

Images can be powerful. This also applies to your website and not just in a visual way.

Images can convey messages or trigger actions on your website. This makes them part of the user experience for your website - for people who can see as well as people who can’t.

Read here why it is so important to give your online images alternative descriptions.

Assistive Technology relies on alternative text

Blind people use assistive technology like screen readers to help them getting access to the web.

Functional images need to have a meaningful text description, an alternative or ‘Alt’ text, as this is read out by the screen reader. It enables the blind user to understand and perceive the function of the image and take in the information or trigger an action embedded in the image.

SEO works much better with Alternative Text

The good news is that including ‘Alt’ text for the important images on your site is not only boosting your website’s accessibility but also its search engine ranking!

Read our ‘SEO DIY Tips’ article to find out more about boosting your search engine ranking.

Do you already have Alternative Text for your Images?

So, how will you know which images are important and if they already have Alt text?

You can find clear instructions on how to test your website for image accessibility in our article ‘Do you have Alt text?’

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