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The Neurodiverse Museum Client Testimonial

We felt that KreativeInc Agency would provide us with the right knowledge and support from seeing their website and discussing with Caren beforehand. They definitely fulfilled our expectations and more!

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Sporting Heritage CIC Client Testimonial

Once we had come across KreativeInc Agency, we didn’t look any further for our project. Caren and Callum understand neurodivergence and are skilled in delivering the tech activity we required. No one else had the same ability or understanding.
To describe our experience with KreativeInc Agency in three words, I’d say: Professional -Flexible – Amazing.
We were hugely impressed with the support and knowledge provided by Caren and Callum. Throughout our work with them, they were flexible, understood our needs, and offered advice and guidance to help us achieve two amazingly successful outcomes.
We'd be really keen to discuss how we could offer our members access to KreativeInc Agency’s services.

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Gildersome Parish Council Client Testimonial

A smooth process from beginning to end with our new website.

The training session was excellent with a friendly approach. Processes were clearly explained and it was an enjoyable experience.

We are delighted with our new accessible website.

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ADD User Review – Jamie Smith

Gildersome Paris Council’s site is incredibly fresh, natural and straightforward to use – a refreshing change from the norm. I spend my life being distracted by flashy and needlessly complex websites that prevent me from focusing as I would like due to my ADD.

By contrast, this site is simple yet effective, and attractive yet easily useable. All of the information is easily accessible for someone who has trouble focusing. Meanwhile, the natural colours and smooth edges make it feel like an attractive place to be online. A great accessible web experience!

As a web content creator whose own online content needs are different from the norm, I would give this site top marks!

Jamie Smith - Co-Founder at

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Hearing-impaired User Review – Cheyenne Ritfeld

In general, I steer away from websites with loads of advertisements that play audio or videos without captions (even though that is becoming rarer these days).

As someone who is hard of hearing, when in meetings and phone calls I spend a lot of time concentrating on what is being said to make sure I do not miss out on important information. For myself and other people with hearing loss, this can be very tiring.

That means that a website experience that isn't overwhelming versus one that feels like a concert can make
all the difference in how much time I spend on websites. The worst in my opinion is when websites use chatbots with loud notifications that can sometimes not be turned off.

KreativeInc Agency's website is nothing like the above. A calming colour scheme, straightforward navigation and no unexpected sounds. I believe that anyone looking for services from web accessibility to digital content creation and more will find what they are looking for with ease.

Also, there is nothing more reliable than a business that practices what they preach: accessibility driven websites!

Cheyenne Ritfeld - Account Executive at Research Helper, Leeds

Kate Dean – Director

Starting my own business was always going to be scary; starting it in lockdown, terrifying! I needed people I could trust. I knew I wanted a website that looked clean and professional, was engaging without being cluttered; and most importantly, was accessible. Other than that, I had no clue how I wanted it to look. KreativeInc Agency took the stress and hassle away, talking me through the options, helping me to source images and write the copy and creating a design that I love. Having the follow-up training has then given me the flexibility to amend my website which helps keeps cost down and as a start-up, this has been essential.

Digital access is already important, it is after all the law, but having an accessible website makes good business sense. Ensuring that you don’t exclude some of your potential client base will give you a competitive advantage. I would wholeheartedly recommend KreativeInc Agency if you want to ensure you are including as many of your clients and customers as possible.

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Asperger’s Syndrome Website User Review – Alex Manners

I often find websites overpowering, crowded and noisy. Often there is too much information on each page, for my brain to deal with. When this happens, I normally just leave the site and find another one.

From the moment I first used KreativeInc Agency's website, I could see how easy and simple it was to use.

• There was not too much information on each page.
• It was structured in a very clear and easily readable format
• The colours used were consistent and not at all overpowering.

I wish that all websites would be designed like this. It would make navigating the web so much easier for people like myself who have a hidden disability.

The work that KreativeInc Agency are doing to ensure that websites become fully accessible to everyone is fantastic.

Alex Manners - TV & Radio Presenter - Asperger's Champion & Speaker

ADHD Website User Review – Martin Gaiter

I have been a heavy Internet user since the days of Netscape, Dial-up, and the likes of AOL amongst others. Which means I have easily seen countless numbers of websites in my personal life, through educational pursuits, and professionally.

Most were so overwhelming I could not stay on the page for more than a few moments before I had to leave the page. While few stood out to me as amazing, clean, and compelled me to scroll or click through the page. KreativeInc Agency (KIA) falls into the latter category. I didn’t know the reason why until 4 months ago when I found out that a lifelong condition plays into my Internet browsing. Here are the factors that made KIA stand out to me.

➣ I now work in the field of Digital Accessibility as a Client Care Consultant. Where I help identify violations of WCAG violations in digital accessibility on those platforms for people with disabilities.

➣ I have had Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) all my life. I did not find out until I entered my current field of employment that my disorder is considered a disability and websites that are crowded with too many images, video, texts, links, etc. affect my browsing experience

As one of the many billions of people around the world that live with disabilities, it is encouraging to find a “Kreative” crew that takes the time to check all the boxes for my and other’s browsing experience. They are definitely pioneers in this space.

Marti Gaiter - Client Care Consultant at Online ADA

Visually Impaired Website User Review – Tom Crawford

As a visually impaired user, I often find websites can be tricky to navigate and aren’t well suited to my needs or how I interact with website. I’ve definitely abandoned trying to navigate poorly designed sites before because it’s just too difficult – those websites may have lost a potential customer as well.

I was pleasantly surprised with KreativeInc Agency’s (KIA's) website when I was testing it out – overall I think they’ve done a great job on making it as easy to use as possible for people like myself.

➣ As I struggle seeing small things, it’s important for websites to allow me to resize and magnify the text and images to a suitable level. One of my biggest issues with many websites is text disappearing off the side of the screen when it gets bigger. This means I have to scroll left and right as well as up and down – it’s so easy to lose my place in the text and give up on reading long paragraphs!

KIA’s website helps avoid this by ensuring the text fits on the screen no matter what size the font is or the window dimensions by flowing to fit in viewing pane. In addition, KIA’s use of simpler and shorter paragraphs means reading the info isn’t as daunting a task.

➣ If I’m using a magnifier, I also often miss dynamic content that pops up when my mouse hovers over it as it’s often not visible on my screen if I’m not able to see the whole page at one. When I move my mouse to focus on the new text, it’ll disappear before I can read it. On the other hand, I can see the box pop up if I’m zoomed all the way out, but I can’t actually read what’s written without magnification. Imagine how frustrating it is to know there’s extra content you can’t access!

I’ve not faced this issue with KIA’s website though, which is great – everything I need to see is already visible.

➣ Sometimes when I’m tired, I’ll use a screen reader to help me listen to information rather than try to read it. However, some websites that are poorly designed can lead to readers jumping all over the place, which is confusing and means I take even more time to process information as I’m forced to read it without any aid or constantly reposition the reader to the correct place.

KIA have made their website work so readers can follow a logical progression that means I’m not missing out on info or getting confused or frustrated.

Overall, I’m really happy with KIA’s website as a VI user, as it makes using it a lot easier than many others out there.

I also appreciate how they’re raising the profile of accessibility in website design, which hopefully will mean even more websites will becomes accessible to me and others with additional needs going forward.

Tom Crawford - Customer Solutions (Commercial Banking) Graduate at NatWest/RBS