NeuroPool is a “labour of love” for us.

The neurodiversity network was created following an idea from our friend and NeuroPool partner Caroline Turner.

Callum wanted to turn his negative experience with a previous employer into something positive. Caroline, a neurodiversity consultant at Creased Puddle, felt that educating employers with free workshops could be the first step to changing attitudes and inspiring decision-makers in business to take action.

The NeuroPool Network was born. Callum designed and developed the landing page, and Caren wrote the content and sourced the images.

We have aimed to make it as neurodivergent-friendly as possible, with highlighted sections of text and, of course, the excellent “bubbles” in the middle section showing what we have to offer unambiguously and boldly.

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NeuroPool Testimonial

“I have worked with Callum and Caren for over a year now on a number of projects. Their ability to identify and produce your vision is remarkable. Caren brings a huge amount of executive and copywriting experience whilst Callum makes everything technical and complicated look simplistic and easy. I can heartily recommend their love and care for your project.”

Caroline Turner - Director, Creased Puddle Ltd, York