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Accessible Website Design & Development with Hosting

Neurodiverse Museum Research Project

This project followed on from a previous consultancy project where we conducted web accessibility audits and training and provided hands-on support to developers and staff on implementing accessibility fixes for Sporting Heritage CIC.

The Neurodiverse Museum research project is funded by Art Fund and led by Sporting Heritage who will be working in partnership with the British Golf Museum, Leeds Museums and Galleries and Swarthmore College to develop the understanding within the museum and wider heritage sector on how to include, rather than exclude an autistic audience and workforce.

After delivering a range of resource recommendations for the sector and its neurodiverse visitors following a survey among our neurodivergent community, we were tasked with the design and development of the project’s accessible website.

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Callum Gamble working on three screens to design the neurodiverse museum website

The Brief

The Neurodiverse Museum Project Requirements

We had successfully completed the Neurodiverse Museum consultancy project for Sporting Heritage CIC and the next step was to create a website providing information and resources. We were asked to design and develop an accessible website that catered to the special access demands of its neurodiverse and disabled visitors.

Desktop and mobile previews of the accessible Neurodiverse Museum website

The Success

What the outcome looked like

Callum’s design hit the mark on the first draft with just a few layout and logo placement adjustments.

Callum chose calming colours for autistic site visitors, at the same time complying with the WCAG 2.1 AA standards on colour contrasts. Fonts and layouts were chosen to make the website look uncluttered and easy to navigate.

Callum tested the website for accessibility during the design and development. A final check was run after completion and Caren wrote and uploaded the Accessibility Statement.

The Neurodiverse Museum logo

The Testimonial

What the project lead thought of our work

Justine Reilly, the project lead, said that after hiring KreativeInc Agency for an initial web accessibility and neurodiversity consultancy project, she knew that they had found the right team to design and develop the website for their research project.

Working with Caren and Callum had shown Justine that they were flexible, understood their needs, and offered advice and guidance to help them achieve the expected outcome.

“We felt that KreativeInc Agency would provide us with the right knowledge and support from seeing their website and discussing with Caren beforehand. They definitely fulfilled our expectations and more!”


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