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The not-for-profit social enterprise, Sporting Heritage CIC supports the collection, preservation, access, and research of sporting heritage in the UK.

Dr Justine Reilly, founding director of the CIC, appointed us to deliver a consultancy brief to improve the organisation’s digital inclusion status. We conducted accessibility audits of their website and social media channels and offered hands-on support to their developers and staff on implementing the recommended strategies. We also trained staff, partners and network members in web accessibility basics by creating and delivering a bespoke webinar.

Also included in the brief was an advisory function in supporting the Neurodiverse Museum research project funded by Art Fund and led by Sporting Heritage who will be working in partnership with the British Golf Museum, Leeds Museums and Galleries and Swathmore College to develop the understanding within the museum and wider heritage sector on how to include, rather than exclude an autistic audience and workforce. We delivered a range of resource recommendations for the sector and its neurodiverse visitors following a survey among our neurodivergent community.

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The Brief

Sporting Heritage CIC’s Requirements

Justine Reilly, founding director of Sporting Heritage CIC contacted us with the requirement to conduct accessibility audits on their website and YouTube and Soundcloud social channels with a report and consultancy arrangement that would enable their developers and staff to remediate any WCAG 2.1 violations. At the same time, she asked for the creation and delivery of a web accessibility webinar for their staff and stakeholders to promote a basic understanding of the importance of digital inclusion.

The CIC had also just received funding from Art Fund for an extensive new research project to develop the understanding within the museum and wider heritage sector on how to include, rather than exclude autistic individuals as both audience and workforce. We were therefore asked to deliver a range of resource recommendations for the sector and its neurodiverse visitors.

Web Accessibility Training and Consultancy Case Study for Sporting Heritage CIC - a webinar on intro to web accessibility and website audit report

The Success

What the outcome looked like

Callum conducted an automated and manual audit on the website. This involved running the whole website through two separate software scanning tools and then checking the emerging WCAG 2.1 errors manually for false positives and any issues that had been omitted by the scans. For this, Callum used various assistive technology and other testing aids including the VoiceOver and NVDA screen readers. From his findings, he produced a report which he annotated with guidance notes for the developers. He also offered one hour of phone consultation for the developers which they split into three sessions of 20 minutes each.

The Sporting Heritage website is a large website with many issues. Therefore, remediation will be ongoing for some time. Recent spot checks have revealed that the developers are making good progress.

The YouTube and Soundcloud audits revealed mainly issues with missing closed captions and text descriptions. Recommendations were made in the report and are being worked through gradually. Digital accessibility is a process, and the CIC is making excellent progress in implementing our recommendations. The combination of short and long-term fixes will go a long way for the CIC. Maintenance will then consist of monitoring and tweaking the web and social media content to retain accessibility status.

Dr Justine Reilly, founder and director of Sporting Heritage CIC

The Testimonial

What Sporting Heritage CIC thought of our Work

Justine Reilly says: “Once we had come across KreativeInc Agency, we didn’t look any further for our project. Caren and Callum understand neurodivergence and are skilled in delivering the tech activity we required.  No one else had the same ability or understanding.

To describe our experience with KreativeInc Agency in three words, I’d say – Professional – Flexible – Amazing.

We were hugely impressed with the support and knowledge provided by Caren and Callum. Throughout our work with them, they were flexible, understood our needs, and offered advice and guidance to help us achieve two amazingly successful outcomes.

We’d be really keen to discuss how we could offer our members access to KreativeInc Agency’s services.


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