Example of a Website Accessibility Statement & Certification

Ideal for people-centred organisations with strong sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion and CSR aims who want to make their websites easy to use for disabled and impaired people to align their digital platforms with their brand values

Website Accessibility Support for Organisations

  • Audit – AI scanning & Manual testing to identify WCAG 2.1 AA errors and usability issues
  • Report – Database of WCAG issues and a detailed report with guidance notes and coding examples for your developers
  • Support – Remote support for your developer during and after remediation


If you need external support to help your web developers with making your website accessible to align with your brand values, then we are the partner for you.

Our Website Accessibility Audit-Report-Support package is the perfect web accessibility support for organisations at the start of their web accessibility process or in need of re-evaluation of their WCAG 2.1 AA compliance. We help you with making your digital platform inclusive so that it is easy to use for all your target audience.

Our 3-step method combines web accessibility auditing, reporting and support as follows:

1. Audit:
AI scanning of website – Identifying WCAG 2.1 AA violations and eliminating false positive elements picked up by the scan.

Manual testing – Testing website content with assistive technology and other front-end techniques, identifying further WCAG violations and actual usability issues. This process simulates the experiences of disabled and impaired users.

2. Report:
A database of WCAG issues and a detailed report are created. The report contains guidance notes and coding examples for your web developers to fix the issues.

3. Support:
Giving tailored remote support to your web developers during the remediation process.

This also allows your web developer to learn about web accessibility best practices, helping them to maintain your site’s accessibility status.

We recommend a re-audit and Accessibility statement following remediation.

Our support solutions are included in your quote but can also become optional extras, depending on your requirements.

(* Remote support via video or telephone call.)

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