Collage of Caren Launus-Gamble presenting on web accessibility in front of a big screen

Ideal for planners of digital marketing forums and events centred around social issues, diversity and inclusion or sustainability who want to introduce their audience to web accessibility and why it is so important to be inclusive in today’s digital landscape

Website Accessibility Speaking Engagements

  • Tailor-made presentations for your Event to engage your audience
  • Understand what web accessibility means and the barriers it imposes on disabled people
  • Learn how to become a digitally inclusive organisation


If you are looking to cover web accessibility at your conference or event and require an engaging introduction to the topic, then we are the right partners for you.

Our ‘Introduction to Web Accessibility – Whom are you excluding today?’ presentation or a demonstration tailor-made for your event, will help you with presenting a globally relevant topic to your delegates that should take centre stage in today’s business and social environments.

Please contact us for a sample presentation or download our Free Guide to Web Accessibility to get an initial idea of the topic.

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