3 Vital Reasons Why You Need a Website for Your Business

As the owner of a start-up or small business, you have to budget carefully.

You might think that a small business website is a luxury rather than a necessity and believe that a Facebook page covers your online presence nicely.

Online business is snowballing, but do you really need a website for your small business?

The following three reasons should help you with making up your mind about your website dilemma:

1. Your Shop Window

The High Street is turning into an uninviting space of boarded-up shops and “Closing Down Sale” shop window banners.

And cyberspace has transformed into consumer heaven – everything you want at the click of a button, delivered straight to your door.

You don’t have to be in the retail sector to see where things are heading. Whether your business is selling a service or a product, having an effective online presence is a must in today’s business world.

A professional website is no longer an expensive luxury but a vital tool to grow your business. It is your opportunity to invite your prospects to find and get to know you and to engage existing customers.

Your website is your cyberspace ‘shop’ window. Make it irresistible, and your customers will come into your ‘shop’.

If there’s no ‘shop’ window, how will your customers find you?

2. Credibility

You’ve got your business cards and brochures printed. You attend networking events and tell friends, family and everybody else about your business.

So, you don’t really need a website, do you?

Surveys show that 75% of people base a company’s credibility on its website and 94% won’t trust a business with an outdated website.

Not having a website makes you look out-of-touch with today’s world. Your audience will think of you as dated and untrustworthy.

A website is a space for your audience to browse at their peril and quickly get the information they want. By not offering this option, you are losing your prospects’ trust before they’ve had a chance to know more about you.

Having a website gives you the credibility you need to earn the trust of your potential customers.

3. Increased Turnover

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were the only business on the planet in your market space? Customers would flock to you effortlessly while your turnover goes through the roof. Well, we’re allowed to dream, aren’t we?

Back to reality: According to a small business survey conducted by Factworks in January 2018, 79% of UK SMEs have reported that attracting customers is their biggest challenge.

In today’s world, online sales increase year-on-year. Surveys show that 77% of UK adults buy goods or services online, and four in ten purchases consist of searching and buying online only.

It is vital to have a website as a tool to tap into this trend to help you with attracting new customers.

Your website is the hub for all your marketing efforts:

Your Info in One Place

All your essential business information is in one place, and you can show your prospects who you are and why they should buy from you. They get to know you, trust you and then buy from you.

Open 24/7

Having a website makes you available 24/7. People can check you out when it is convenient for them and buy from you at their leisure.

Generate Leads

You can generate valuable sales leads by asking site visitors to sign up to your newsletters. You are starting a conversation that very likely leads to sales.

Proof of Your Expertise

You can show off your expertise with case studies, testimonials and blog articles. Your prospects can see that you know what you’re doing and will buy from you.

Your website plays a vital role in increasing your turnover. Missing out on this opportunity is like giving money away.

You’ve got to look at the statistics and be amazed by how much potential a website can have as a turnover generator.

So, now you know the advantages of having a professional website, are you ready to look at the options available to you?

You can contact us for some initial advice on website design. We are always happy to help.

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